My work on “12 Monkeys” — 25 years of art, history and touching lives

 From Miami beginnings…

I began my professional career working in production on TV commercials and music videos in Miami, FL. Soon after, I was hired on “Miami Vice,” during its 5th and final season, as Don Johnson’s personal assistant. That’s a story for later, but —

With Georgia on my mind…

When the season ended and the show packed up, Don invited me to continue working with him. It was tempting, but I wasn’t ready for LA. I wanted to stay in production, and I had opportunities on the horizon that soon landed me in Georgia on another network show, “In the Heat of the Night.” This time I worked in the Locations Dept. with my then-work-partner and later-husband, Scott. After several seasons for him, and two for me, we branched off into working around the country on one feature film after another.

To a movie job like no other…

These films included several John Grisham adaptations like “The Client,” “The Rainmaker,” and “A Time to Kill.” Also movies like “Nell,” “Practical Magic” and one unusual, incredibly creative sci-fi movie called “12 Monkeys.” We filmed in Philadelphia and Baltimore over six months during winter and spring. Scott and I, with our two assistants, were tasked with finding and/or securing each and every location seen onscreen, across both cities. Among these sites were a rock quarry we carved into a WWI trench, and two massive, asbestos-riddled power plants that had been closed for years and that came with their own weather patterns.

Now celebrating its 25th year

 Scott and I have worked on many movie and script projects since then, and I have just released my first novel, The Vessels. But our early years came roaring back recently when we got an email, out of the blue, from a reporter named Ralph Jones. He was doing a story on the 25th Anniversary of “12 Monkeys” for Inverse Magazine, and wanted to ask about our experiences, and about working with director, Terry Gilliam. Ralph interviewed many folks from the film, as it turns out, and ended up with a very fun and enlightening story for all to enjoy.

It made me proud to have shared in this piece of history. To have created a film legacy for generations to enjoy. To have shared a story that, peculiar and odd as it may seem, touched hearts and minds and made people think. I pray the same will be true 25 years from now, when I look back over my own novels and scripts in hopes they have touched lives in a positive way.


12 Monkeys Article-Inverse Magazine


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