Good Riddance, 2020! Except for the good parts…

 Learn from the old…

Most of us agree that 2020 has been the worst year ever. We can’t wait to send it packing at midnight tonight. Personally, my family has lost two dear uncles and ten friends to COVID, with many more family members and friends falling ill. We’ve suffered job loss, lock downs, school changes and more. My flute-playing, band-loving daughter earned the center drum major position for a championship band that couldn’t march.

At the same time – we also enjoyed some victories in 2020. I released my first book, and finished three screenplays I’m now pitching. We got an extra hour of sleep each morning with school shifting to “at home.” We exercised more, cooked more, binged more shows and movies, and spent more time with our blind Puggle dog. Best of all – we shared quality time as a family, and did so during our daughter’s senior year of high school. That will give us extra special memories to treasure once she’s off to college.

…be better in the new

So, even as I prep to kick 2020 to the curb with joyful glee and a glass of celebratory champagne, I also salvage the shiny, happy bits from that rubble to carry into next year:

  •  renewed love and respect for my fellow human beings
  • renewed vigor for new national leadership and change
  • vaccine-filled hopes for an end to this virus and
  • a chance at some future return to possible normalcy and togetherness

Cheers for this good! And Happy New Year to all.

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